Letter to the Freshman

Well… lol where do I start off first. Lol well I will tell you that coming into high school as a freshman is not easy.  
You have to do a lot of work and keep up with your assignments or your grades will slip just like that. You have to stay on top of your education or things will become very hard to catch up and everything. Take it from me. In  the beginning I was doing pretty good but then I had lack of turning in assignments and just turning them in at a later time. I’ve learn that you cant do that lol, turn in all your work done and on time so even if it isn’t right you are still some type of points instead of a 0. Those 0 on your papers add up your grades don’t look to pretty. Socially advice from me is to trust who you hang around with your friends from middle school most likely  wont be your friend in high school. Or they wont be as close to you as they were before. And you will find guys attractive or girls upperclassmen in other words but don’t fall deep in love with them it doesn’t work out especially with the guys. They use you lol. Don’t let your peers influence you into doing something stupid because at the end of the day you get caught. Stay to yourself on some things and don’t let everybody know your business. Other than that always stay focus at all times. 

Vacation Catalog Poem

The summer lighted sun

Shining bright in my face

Its as hot as the desert

The oxygen in the air … dry

Popsicles in the kids hands, melting

Relaxing on the beach

The cool breeze helps a little

Summer vacation

Disadvantages & Advantages of Online Communications

#1. Online community feedback options increase citizen participation rates by providing flexible access to participate whenever and wherever convenient

#2. Online discussion forums democratize community voices bringing new opinions and options to the light of day.

#3. Online discussions are documented verbatim for posterity, analysis and reuse  


#1. Text-based online discussion necessarily excludes some people (like all methods)

#2. The lack of physical cues in online forums may lead to miscommunication 

#3. Busy online discussion forums may cause information overload


#4. Participants may accidentally go off-topic within a particular discussion thread


So, I am going to talk about fashion and how to dress modest and cute at the same time. When you dress you want to keep in mind of what you are wearing and what your parents allow you to wear. Now me I don’t dress to where its just too old for me and inappropriate. I dress to where young kids my age group look and want to do the same. I like to dress up on usually mondays and thursdays during the week. The rest I dress casual but cute at the same time. Now sometimes I choose days to where it look like I just woke up out of bed but its still cute and I still get compliments. Just when you dress make sure you keep it cute and modest. 🙂   

Interview with Mom

Amanda Trent is a 36 year old woman that was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, where she is living at ,at this time.She was raised from a big family that was a good example for her. She is currently still in college at DeVry University with 1 more year left to go. She is also going for Child Care field.
I decided to go ahead and interview my mom. I go into her room and ask “mom can I interview you for my Blog post ?” “Sure.” she said. So I go back into my room and grab a pencil, paper, and my phone. After,  I go back into my mom’s room and I sit on the high heel chair/sofa that is in the corner of her room. While she is sitting on her bed. “Okay let’s get this interview started missy.” “Ok mom first question.” as I turn on the voice recorder on my phone. “When did you graduate high school?” “Um, I didn’t graduate  high school, I was suppose to graduate in 1998. However I got pregnant and went to summer school and got my diploma in the year 2002.” “What college/colleges have you attended?” mom starts to laugh. “Well I attended to Columbus State and transferred to Franklin University. I was majoring in business administration. I didn’t like it.” I started to laugh because of the way she said it. “So I then transferred to DeVry University where I still attend, I am just on a break right now because I work full time at Jubba Daycare West on West Broad St. as manager. “Okay next question hun.”I was trying to act like one of those people who interviews other people on the talk shows.  “What did you go to college for?” “At first it was business administration as I said earlier…I switched my majors because of my career. And so now i’ve been in the childcare field for going on 4 years and I want to have a degree on teaching so when I do go back to DeVry I will be getting that degree. “How was it experiencing life as you grew up, was it hard?” “Well my childhood was good I have always had family and friend good support system.So no matter what I do I had a great support team by my side.” “Have you graduated from college, if so what year?” “Not yet, I have 1 year to go and when I go back I want to give all my time and energy into it.” “Okay mom last question.” “Alright let’s hear it.” “Okay How did having kids change your life?” “Oh goodness” she said. “Well to be honest in a major way because it put a lot of things I was doing on hold. And I want to be the best role model for them.I wouldn’t regret having none of my  kids So basically what i’m saying is that they changed my life for the better.” as she smiles. “Okay mom thank you for taking your time out to do this.” “Your welcome.” she says.” Now what class is this for?” “English.” I said as I walk out her room to go back into my room and put my stuff away. And that’s how my interview went, it took about 5 to 6 minutes interviewing her and I found out some stuff I never knew about.

Global Issue – Hunger All Over..


My Global Issue that I picked to discuss is about the fact that kids like the picture above starve all around the world. As of the website that the world has put together to get everyone’s help in feeding the kids it is FreeRice.com. I signed up and starting playing to at least give something to donate, its a free website and it gives you a chance to help or pitch in. So what are you waiting for ? Please… go join ! There is also other resources into this issue.  https://www.nokidhungry.org/give/overview     

Favorite Sport !

Image result for cheer
This is my absolute favorite, I do enjoy it a lot. As of right now today is my cheerleading tryouts for Franklin Heights High School. I really hope I make it, I think I can so I don’t want to doubt myself I want to focus today so therefore at tryouts I do good and hopefully make JV. Wish me luck !!!

How to make a comment !

Hey ! So now that we are starting our new challenge I am going to blog about how to comment on each other posts. So first off when you comment of course you have to make it to where it is not rude or obnoxious.  And of course it is your opinion but try to nice about it talk about things you did like about the post. Make sure that it is at least 3 to 4 sentences. If not try to write more talk about how you relate to the post. And last but not least make sure you advertise your blog post or just your blog website so others around the world can look and comment about what they think about it. Have a nice day byeeee ! 

Art Piece

All White Piece, Robert Rauschenberg , 1951

November 18th , 2016 , That day I didn’t  understand the all white painting so I’m going to pick that for my blog post. I was born by Robert Rauschenberg in 1951. I am all white nothing on me. I may seem a little boring but I mean something. The blankness of me describes my feelings. Neutral. If you look at  me you get a calm emotion. Bring me to life ! I may be white but you can make me into to something. Close yours eyes and imagine a image , your image. Don’t think too hard. Now open your eyes. Put that image on me. That’s the good thing about it you can make me into whatever you want and call it art. Don’t make me seem like I am nothing , make me something…