Global Issue – Hunger All Over..


My Global Issue that I picked to discuss is about the fact that kids like the picture above starve all around the world. As of the website that the world has put together to get everyone’s help in feeding the kids it is I signed up and starting playing to at least give something to donate, its a free website and it gives you a chance to help or pitch in. So what are you waiting for ? Please… go join ! There is also other resources into this issue.  

3 thoughts on “Global Issue – Hunger All Over..

  1. G’day Kenaysha,
    Great to see you have joined the Free Rice game. It is such as easy way to get rice donated to hungry families around the world.

  2. Hi Kendysha, I think Hunger is a very important issue. I love that you chose this topic. I also love that you joined the Free Rice game. One question I have is how did you come up with this topic?

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